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Press Release

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The PV Market Alliance (PVMA) estimates global photovoltaic (PV) installations reached at least 98 GW. Cumulative installed capacity reached accordingly half a TW at the end of 2018.

After having reached 99 GW  in 2017, last year the global PV market stabilized, however with a contrasted evolution depending on the continent.

  • Preliminary market numbers show that at least 98 GW were installed and commissioned globally in 2018. Hence, reflecting a stable market development YoY.
  • China, leading the global PV market since 2013, installed 44 GW in 2018, consequently down by approx. 17% compared to 53 GW in 2017. Last year’s May 31st announcement raised a concern that the Chinese PV market could be even further reduced and led to the sharp decrease in PV module prices,  a trend which finally softened at the end of 2018.
  • Non-Chinese markets grew from 45 GW in 2017 to 54 GW in 2018, a 20% YoY growth.
  • USA, Japan and India did not contribute to the growth in 2018, with preliminary installation numbers in a similar range to 2017, with around 26 GW for these three markets combined.
  • Europe installed around 8.5 GW, driven primarily by the German and Dutch markets, while additional growth came from several countries. During 2019, a sustained growth is expected.
  • As anticipated, several emerging and established markets across all continents started to contribute significantly to the global growth with at least 19.5 GW installed in total: Australia, Korea, the UAE, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil and more.

Note that these numbers are DC numbers and refer to grid connected PV systems, neither installations nor shipments of PV components which can deliver slightly different results. Several GW of PV components have been shipped and partially installed in 2018 e.g. in Egypt, the UAE, Vietnam and Mexico. PVMA avoids to rely on installation numbers since such methodology shows major discrepancies and inconsistencies.

Forecasting the 2019 PV market requires to understand the possible decision of policymakers in key countries and especially in China. Assuming a rather stable market in China, the global PV market could grow by approx. 20% up to 120 GW in 2019, in particular the potential for a massive uptake is present in the Middle-East, Latin America and Europe.

Note to editors

The “PV Market Alliance” is a group of independent companies specialized in local, regional and global  PV markets.

The “PV Market Alliance” was established in 2014 and groups well-known regional PV experts from China, Europe, Japan, Latin America and the US, covering the global PV market. Figures provided above reflect the knowledge, experience and independent sources of all partners.

The “PV Market Alliance” groups:



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